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"Cloud" and “On-premise” Server based products


Engineering Document Management
Quote "It is certainly far more than a simple document management tool, more an overall enterprise information/knowledge management system"
  • DocMastR stores documentation and connects project teams using document management
  • Easy controlled access of documentation to the entire organization including Clients, Vendors and Suppliers
  • Transmittal management of all Client and Vendor Documents
  • Automated Master Document Register (MDR) 
  • Look-Ahead reports are pro-active and alert document owners of the documents due within the look-ahead period, thus they assist in forward planning individual’s workloads
  • Late reports result in a reactive response. Documents appear on the Late report either because the forecast issue date was unrealistic in the first place, in which case it should be re-forecast, or, because Client, company or Vendor are overdue creating or reviewing the document
  • Greenbook Technology - Proposal Management
  • Automated Databook Generation
  • Bespoke Reporting
  • Fully Configurable System designed to meet your company's unique requirements

True Security - Choose the DocMastR Cloud solution and your information will be hosted on our replicated servers - across multiple providers (ISPs) for reliability.

Software is built to deliver ultimate performance - taking advantage of the latest hardware acceleration and cutting-edge UI virtualization.

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Quality Management

Non-Conformance Reporting
  • As used by a major worldwide manufacturing company with headquarters in Houston for automated tracking of Manufacturing NCRs. To include:
    • The reason for the NCR or what went wrong
    • Why the work doesn't meet specs
    • What can be done to prevent the problem from happening again
    • Explanation of corrective action(s) taken or to be taken
    • Automated individual NCR based workflows
    • Task and Performance Management
    • Cost Tracking and Reporting

Handover and Databook Management

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Management System

  • Desgned and Implemented for a worldwide manufacturing company based in Houston
  • Designed to improved health and safety performance
  • Reduce the associated costs of accidents and incidents
  • Compliance to and understanding of legal requirements reduces the chance that you will commit any offenses

Human Resource Management

  • Emergency contact database
  • Training and Certifications
  • Employee evaluations – annual/probationary
  • Compensation/position changes
  • Discipline/termination
  • Awards/scholarships
  • International Travel
  • Fully Secure file storage and retrieval

NCR & ECN Workflow Management

  • ECRs to document the origination of the request, suggested ways to address or fix the problem, what items would have to change to fix it, and signoffs to say the suggestions are approved and to move forward with the ECO process.
  • ECOs to document the items that may need to change as a result of the ECR (drawings, technical specs, BOMs, etc).
  • ECNs to notify the appropriate or interested parties when the ECO change(s) are complete.
  • Fully programmable workflow:
    1. Issue identification & scoping: Someone identifies a problem or issue and determines that it may require a change. The scope of the issue and its possible impact are estimated.
    2. ECR creation: An engineering change request (ECR) is created to examine the necessity and feasibility of the change, to identify parts, components and documentation that might be affected, to estimate costs and to list the resources required to implement the change.
    3. ECR review: The ECR is circulated for review and discussion among key stakeholders and is modified as needed.
    4. ECO creation: Once the ECR is approved, an engineering change order (ECO) is generated, which lists the items, assemblies and documentation being changed and includes any updated drawings, CAD files, standard operating procedures (SOPs) or manufacturing work instructions (MWIs) required to make a decision about the change.
    5. ECO review: The ECO is then circulated to a change review board made up of all stakeholders (including external partners when appropriate) who need to approve the change.
    6. ECN circulation: Once the ECO has been approved, an engineering change notification/notice (ECN) is sent to affected individuals to let them know that the ECO has been approved and the change should now be implemented.
    7. Change implementation: Those responsible for implementation use the information in the ECO and ECN to make the requested change.


Hybrid Technology

Uses the “Cloud” for web access whilst employing Company owned “On-premise” Servers for critical data and document storage.