Our Products

ParrotCode - "Cloud" and “On-premise” server based products for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC).

DocMastR - The Document Management System

  • The idea behind DocMastR is to store documentation and connect project teams using document management.
  • DocMastR offers security and uses secure communication techniques, provides document storage and for legal reasons is a document tracking tool. For example - Federal, state and corporate regulations require companies to retain electronically stored information for up to seven years.
  • Currently, DocMastR is used in Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management.
  • Track and Monitor design changes related to system, area, engineering data and documents.
  • Online Reporting of Construction Completion Status (Mechanical / Electrical Completion).
  • Online Non-Conformance Reporting – or Punch list.
  • Automated Vendor Document Register (VDR) - manage and control of vendor documentation.
  • A full featured Web-based document management system.
  • Automated Handover and Data-book Management.
  • Late / Look-Ahead Reporting.
  • Look-Ahead reports are pro-active and alert document owners of the documents due within the look-ahead period, thus they assist in forward planning individual’s workloads.
  • Late reports result in a reactive response. Documents appear on the Late report either because the forecast issue date was unrealistic in the first place, in which case it should be re-forecast, or, because Client, company or Vendor are overdue creating or reviewing the document.
  • DocMastR supports all DWG versions from 2.5 through 2013.
  • Extracts text found in Block elements such as TEXT, MTEXT, RTEXT and ArcAlignedText.
  • Installation of AutoCAD (or any CAD program) not required.
  • Create a 3D design in SolidWorks - Automatically export the BOM to ERP System and store the design in DocMastR!


AutoCAD Support (Optional)

AutoCAD - Drawing Management
  • Search Engine supports all AutoCAD DWG versions from 2.5 through 2013.
  • Searches text found in Block elements such as TEXT, MTEXT, RTEXT and ArcAlignedText.
  • Installation of AutoCAD (or any CAD program) not required.
  • Title block attributes automatically saved as DocMastR metadata.

CostMastR - Project Controls

  • Gives the benefit of
    • Measurement and control of projects
    • Improved margins
    • Improved cash-flow
    • NO Surprises! Better forecasting - once a project is 10% complete, the overrun at completion will not be less than the current overrun!
  • Reduce guesswork in
    • performance
    • forecasting
  • Efficiency, tracking and control of costs.
  • Consistency across projects.
  • Automatic Project Non-Conformance Notifications/Alerts with alarm/highlights for delinquent entries, missed milestones, missed payments, overspend against corresponding AFE.
  • Change Management.
  • Progress Payment Tracking and Certification.
  • Hold Back Billing.
  • Breakdown of costs by cost code and sub cost code.
  • Risk Management - Identification, Tracking, Assessment of Impact and Mitigation.
  • Automated Field Work Tickets - secure data collection.
  • Construction LEM Management - user configurable workflows
  • Fully integrated with MS Dynamics (GP & NAV).

Timesheet Workflows

A fast, easy to use web-based project management and time tracking solution.

  • Designed for Energy Services.
  • Track time and view time-sheets online.
  • Identify planned vs actual time.
  • Progress against schedule.
  • Fully integrated with CostMastR.

Timesheet Workflow is the main workflow of timesheets, which is used for the approval process during timesheet entry. The setup of Timesheet Workflow contains two workflow elements for the approval depending on approval level you desire in your system.

  • Approve timesheet: is used to define the approval at document level or timesheet header level.
  • Timesheet line-item workflow: is used to define the approval at the detail line level.

EHSMastR - The Safety Management System

  • EHSMastR is an integrated web based Environmental Health & Safety management system.
  • Pre-configured to specifically address the needs of Environmental Health and Safety.
  • With this system users can see the report, the review, the actions required to prevent reoccurence, and the owners of those actions to close them out, update procedures, etc.
  • Help reduce operational risk and comply with legal requirements.
  • You can see where accidents occur.
  • You can determine company wide, where money is being spent and lost.
  • You can determine where and why employees are being injured.
  • Manage, Track and Document Safety to include:
    • employees - training - qualification
    • hazards - msds datasheets
    • incidents - investigations
    • corrective actions - closed/open incident/action track
    • injuries
    • equipment - ppe
    • contractors
    • inspections - workplace and ppe
    • audits
    • monitoring - toolbox meetings
    • safety and work permits

AssetMastR - The Planned Maintenance System

  • Tracking information such as the cause of the problems, downtime involved, and recommendations for future action.
  • Tracking of PM inspections and jobs.
  • Document storage and retrieval including step-by-step maintenance instructions/procedures, check-lists, lists of materials required, and other pertinent documentation.
  • Asset management: Recording data about equipment and property including specifications, warranty information, service contracts, spare parts, purchase date, expected lifetime, and anything else that might be of help to management or maintenance workers.
  • Status reports giving details or summaries of maintenance activities.
  • Work orders, scheduling, assigning personnel, reserving materials and recording costs.
  • Scheduling of jobs automatically based on schedule and/or meter readings.

Hybid Technology

  • Optional - ParrotCode hybrid technology - uses the “Cloud” for web access whilst employing Company owned “On-premise” Servers for critical data.
  • Hybrid technology could be needed to comply with specific client requirements in terms of data management, archiving and access. Systems sold and used worldwide.